A Casa que Voou

The House That Flew Away
Text by Davide Cali


Getting home after a day’s work and finding your house flying. There’s an upsetting situation. As we know, houses don’t come with an instructions manual, but even if they did, would anyone remember of including a chapter on flying houses? This story is about that rare phenomenon: a house that, out of the blue, decides to take off. And because for such unusual events there isn’t an easy solution, the owner of this house doesn’t know what to do. Where do you start when your house flies away? The fire department? The police? The civil aviation department? Not easy at all. Still, every cloud has as a silver lining. Houses, just like everything that is important and essential in life, shouldn’t be left out of sight.


Bruaá, 2015

Thames & Hudson, 2016
Balgeunmirae Publishing, 2016

La Joie de Lire, 2017
Planeta Lector, 2022

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