I was born in Coimbra, Portugal, in 1985.
After studying Graphic Design, I graduated in Illustration and started publishing picture books and working as a freelance illustrator. While I don’t attain to just one technique, my preference falls almost always on a limited palette of colors, and I like to explore mixing textures and patterns in full rich and bidimensional images. Today I live and work in Lisbon, a small, old capital city known for its bright light.

So far I’ve illustrated thirteen picture books and written ten of them. They are published by:

Orfeu Negro (Portuguese), Pato Lógico (PT), Bruaá (PT), APCC (PT), Editora 34 (Brazilian Portuguese), WMF Martins Fontes (PT-BR), Carochinha (PT-BR), Ediciones SM (Spanish), Limonero (ES), Adriana Hidalgo Editora (ES), Kalandraka (PT, ES), Editions Notari (French), Hélium (FR), La Joie de Lire (FR), Les 400 Coups (FR), Urax Förlag (Swedish), La Nuova Frontiera (Italian), Knesebeck (German), Vivandra Könyvek (Hungarian), Neungyule Education (Korean), Iwizbooks (KO), Sallim Publishing (KO), Balgeunmirae Publishing (KO), Picturebook Gongjakso (KO), Better Books (KO), Kidari (KO), Greenland Creative (Traditional Chinese), Epigram Books (English), Thames & Hudson (EN), Sarıgaga Yayınları (Turkish), Can Çocuk (TR), Jieli Publishing House (Simplified Chinese), Trustbridge (ZH), Kocur Bury (Polish), Dwie Siostry (PL), Anonima (Japanese), Osnovy Publishing (Ukrainian), Jensen & Dalgaard (Danish), Boycott (Dutch).

I’ve also directed an animated short film called Ratio Between Two Volumes, produced by Animanostra Portugal, which was nominated for the National Animation Award (2018), the Sophia for Best Animation Short (2019), won an Honorable Mention for Best Children’s Short at OLHO Animation Film Festival (2020), the Best Original Soundtrack at BangAwards Animation Festival (2020) and was selected for a few film festivals, including:

Monstra, Krok, Cinanima, Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest, Sound & Image Challenge International Festival, Olhares do Mediterrâneo, Schlingel, TAF – Thessaloniki Animation Festival, Animaevka, Caminhos do Cinema Português, Bogotá Short Film Festival, Indie Júnior, Shortcutz, London International Animation Festival, Canlandıranlar Festival, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

Recently, I wrote and did the art direction of a stage play called Impossible, for children from 3 up. So far, it has been staged at: 

Teatro Maria Matos and LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões.

I’m also producing a radio show for children, with texts from some of the best Portuguese authors for young audiences (including some flash fiction of mine as well) set to music by Bruno Santos

Other great clients with whom I’ve been working include:

Djeco, Enchanted Lion Books, Granta, Magazine Georges, Triciclo Editora, La Leche, Editions Pióro, Natur & Kultur, Edizioni Bas Bleu, Edições Eterogémeas, Almanaque Saraiva, Expresso, Diário de Notícias, Silvadesigners, Non Verbal Club, Gulbenkian, Casa da Música, TAP Air Portugal, EGEAC, INCM, Niepoort, GUR, Leopardo Filmes, A Música Portuguesa a Gostar Dela Própria, Universal Music, Itaú, Copine Kinowerbung, Tea Collection.

My work has been recognized by:

  • Bologna Children’s Book Fair (International Award for Illustration, 2014)
  • Ilustrarte (Selected, 2016)
  • Nami Concours (Green Island, 2017)
  • The Association of Illustrators (Shortlist – World Illustration Awards, 2015)
  • 3×3 Magazine (Merit – Professional Show No. 10; Merit + Honorable Mention – Professional Show No. 11; Best of Show + Silver Medal – Picture Book Show No. 12; Merit – Professional Show No. 13)
  • White Ravens catalog (2013, 2014)
  • Portuguese National Illustration Award (Special Mention, 2011 + 2017)
  • Portuguese Authors’ Society (Best Children’s Book, 2013)
  • Amadora BD – International Comics Festival (Best Picture Book Illustration, 2013)
  • Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (Finalist, 2015)
  • Fundación Cuatrogatos (Winner, 2016)
  • Serbian International Book Fair (Finalist, 2016)
  • Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair (Finalist, 2017 + 2018)
  • Little Hakka International Picture Book Competition (Finalist, 2017)

And exhibited in both solo and group shows:

Solo Exhibitions (selection)


    • Num milionésimo de segundo (Sintra, Coimbra, Oeiras)


    • Três Foguetões & 1 Caixa de Lápis (Lisbon)


    • Sirenas y Palabras Antiguas (Bogotá)
    • Tão Tão Grande (Oporto, Lisbon)
    • A Parede dos Desenhos (Coimbra)


    • O Meu Avô (Bologna, Lisbon, Vilnius, Budapest)


    • Tentar outra vez. Falhar melhor. (Lisbon)
    • La Sirena y los Gigantes Enamorados (Bologna, Tokyo, Hyogo, Aichi, Ishikawa)
    • Cachimbos e Cartas de Amor (Serpa)


    • Achimpa (Lisbon)


    • Greve (Lisbon)

    Group Exhibitions (selection)


      • Baba Kamo Festival (Valencia)


      • Motim (Pontevedra)
      • Big (Guimarães)


      • ‘100 Outstanding Picturebooks’ from around the world (Frankfurt)
      • Hier kommt Portugal! (Cologne)
      • Ilustração Portuguesa (Setúbal)
      • Ilustrar (Madrid)
      • Coral (Paris)


      • Nami Concours Winning Works Exhibition (Nami)
      • Três ao Cubo (Lisbon)


      • Princípios de Colecção (Lisbon)
      • PIM! (Óbidos)
      • Ilustração Portuguesa (Setúbal)
      • Ilustra 33 (Lisbon)
      • Playground for Words (London)
      • Mostra degli Illustratori Iberoamericani (Bologna)


      • International Literature Festival (Sofia)
      • Rodapé (Lisbon)
      • Princípios de Colecção (Lisbon)
      • Panorama 2015 (Sàrmede)
      • Lo Sguardo Obliquo (Bari, Turin)
      • PIM! (Óbidos)
      • Coral (Oporto)
      • Macau and Portugal, Art of Illustration (Oporto, Macau)
      • Ilustra 33 (Lisbon)


      • Cosmos, Uma Odisseia Ilustrada (Oporto)
      • Pelos Olhos Dentro (Viana do Castelo, Setúbal)
      • Imagens que Contam (Aveiro)
      • Ilustra33 (Lisbon)
      • Une Saison Graphique (Le Havre)
      • Bologna Illustrators Exhibition (Bologna, Itabashi,Taoyuan)


      • 3 Meses e 2 Dias (Oporto)
      • Ilustra33 (Lisbon)


      • Como as Cerejas (Bologna, São Paulo, Bogota)